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Advantageous Strategy of rates in bookmaker office (Two matches)

Выигрышная Стратегия ставок в букмекерской конторе (Чет-Нечет) I am engaged for a long time in analyses of rates and have deduced set of systems which give profit, but not always, system the most reliable, profitable and safe. Even if bookmakers will find the error they should coefficientreduce all by 33,33 %, but they will not do it, because will lose the same percent of clients, and can be and большего.


 Profit on system "Two matches":


The rate sumумма Win pure (minimum) Win pure (average) Win pure (Maximum)






  And it not a limit, you also can change the rate sum (but it is undesirable), a saying: «Greed "Fraer" has ruined».
All sell the systems, and I bought much, and it would be a pity to give this system simply so. Especially this system is already introduced in Excel, you should not consider, check there something is simply superfluous. You simply bring coefficient and the sum of the rate and forward in bookmaker office …




Two matches



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Advantageous strategy of rates in bookmaker office