Slightly that council who has decided to earn for the first time on plugs.

Let's consider lines of two букмекерскиx offices on a tennis match Safin - Labadze.

Bookmaker office №1:

W1 - 1.8
W2 - 2.0

Bookmaker office №2:

W1 - 1.5
W2 - 2.4

We take the best factor on Safin who is given by the bookmaker №1 (W1 - 1.8) and the best factor on Labadze who is given by the bookmaker №2 (W2 - 2.4). We check, whether there is a plug between these two factors under the formula:

1 - 1/K1 - 1/K2> 0.

If the result turns out more zero it is a plug.

1-1/1.8-1/2.4 = 0,0279> 0.

Now we define percent of this plug on the formula:

1 (1/K1+1/K2)

------------------- * 100


1 (1/1.8+1/2.4)

------------------ * 100 = 2,85 %


To count with a plug, we should know, how many money it is necessary to put on each of these factors.

We have:

B - a total sum which we want to put,
k1, k2 - factors in the first and in the second, bookmaker offices.

It is necessary to calculate:

S1 - The sum of the rate of first office,
S2 - The sum of the rate of the second office.

Рассчитывем under the formula:

S1 = B*k2 / (k1+k2)
S2 = B*k1 / (k1+k2)

For example, we have decided to put rates for a total sum $10000.

S1=10000*2.4 / (1.8+2.4) = 5714.29
S2=10000*1.8 / (1.8+2.4) = 4285.71

We check that we will receive as a result after any of these rates will play.

If the rate in the first office wins:

5714,29*1,8 = 10285,72

If the rate in the second bookmaker office wins:


As we see, at any outcome the sum which we receive, is equal (10285,72). A pure profit from the given plug 285,2!!!

Similarly pays off simple Three initial forks W1-Х-W2.

1 - 1/K1 - 1/K2-1/K3> 0

1 (1/К1+1/К2+1/K3)

-------------------------- * 100


For definition, how many it is necessary to put money in each office at a simple three-source code it is possible to use the facilitated variant of the formula.

B - a total sum which includes already prospective profit.

S1 = B/K1
S2 = B/K2
S3 = B/K3


Be to begin with registered in all bookmaker offices with which you want to work (the in большем quantity of bookmaker offices you will open the account, the большее you can realise quantity of plugs).

Train to put it it is easy and simple. Pledge of successful work this free orientation in features of reception of rates in different bookmaker offices.

Services of comparison of lines - if you do not want to stay hours behind the computer comparing lines of rates in bookmaker offices in search of new forkscertainly it is necessary for you to use one of services of comparison of lines.

For reception of the operative information on new forksit is necessary to adjust the notice on mail arrival on a mobile phone. In this case you can stake as fast as possible in the necessary offices.

That you could it is necessary calculate to put how many on "plug" in different bookmaker offices, there is a special calculator for calculation of rates. The program for calculation of plugs, express trains and systems _http://sportprognozlive.narod.ru/Scalp.rar (24 Kb, free, language Russian).

If it is you all have already made, but still never played "plugs", some practical advice:

- Check up presence of factors in all bookmaker offices participating in a plug.

As "plugs" exist not for long efficiency and attention - necessary qualities for successful work look the beginning of carrying out of a match. There are cases when at раскидывании money for a plug for 1 minute prior to the beginning of a match (and forksoften appear in some minutes prior to the beginning of a match) put in one bookmaker office one half, and another were not in time. Also the variant when the same pair of commands plays with each other two times with an interval some days, and both events Wрисутсвуют in lines of bookmaker offices is possible. In this case our plug can turn simply in two independent rates on different events.

First of all put on the leader. Because of factor change on the leader the plug disappears instantly. An example: a match of the USA - Denmark (hockey, the World championship 2004). On a victory of the USA (W1) - factor 1.25 in Еxpekt, and in the Marathon on a drawn game or a victory of Denmark (WХ2) - factor 6. "Plug" with percent in 3.45 %. If in Еxpekt the factor falls to 1.2 forksany more will not be

At calculation of rates pay attention to the maximum sums at both bookmakers, familiarise with game rules (baseball, hockey, tennis) more attentively. So, for example, bookmaker office Pinnaclesports in baseball if does not leave Wитчер on a match, returns rates in factor 1, etc..W.


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